Get Your Own Blog

WordPressIsn’t it time? Say what you want, when you want. Have a public voice. Whether it’s personal, or to promote your business, you’re in control. It may seem daunting to start your own blog; but I’ve been there and can hold your hand through the process.

I’m offering one-to-one half day training sessions on how to use WordPress to create your own blog. We’re conveniently based in Merthyr Tydfil town centre. Depending on your IT skills, the session will take about 2.5 to 4 hours, but we’ll plug away longer if we have to. And if you’re doubtful thereafter, you can keep me on as an Administrator for a month, to help you if you run into any problems that need a quick fix.

The session fee is just £50. To book, use the contact form on the Quirky Idea website.

For those too far to travel, we can do it all via internet for £75.

This offer expires 15 August 2011.


About Annie Zed
Annie Zalezsak (aka Annie Zed) is a writer and artist based in the Okanagan Valley. She is the author of the book, "We Are One Blood: Honouring the Body's Right to Heal Itself".

One Response to Get Your Own Blog

  1. Annie Zed says:

    I just received a lovely recommendation from Monika Siebert of, who posted on my LinkedIn profile ( Monika writes:

    “Ah….Annie! What a fabulous knowledgeable creative woman! It was a pleasure to work with Annie, several times, and look forward to doing more of the same. She’s simply “THE Expert” when it come to building the framework of a blog! I L UV what you do Annie !”

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