Cut Your Losses

These Wheels Are Going Nowhere

Great ideas abound. It takes courage, enthusiasm and commitment to see one through to manifestation. So, let’s say you’ve done it. You’re there. You’ve got the product, the website, the premises, the marketing campaign. The only thing that’s missing? Customers. Every month, you’re more in the hole. You’ve exerted all your energy, got all the professional advice, followed through on all the leads, and still… nothing. Or almost nothing. All the projections and the dreams lie there in a weary heap, wondering what it was all about in the first place.

Do you throw more money at it?
Hell, no!

There is no shame in this lack of smashing success.

“All life is an experiment.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Take what you’ve learned and put it down to experience. Use it. Modify it. Challenge yourself even more by stretching beyond the original idea. Take up those crazy suggestions you just couldn’t bear before, but that now seem to make sense. Perhaps that business advisor actually does know a thing or two. Abandon the stubbornness. Be willing to throw in the towel, or exchange it for something else.

“We get so attached to our investment of money and time that we might sell our selves short: we launch crappy websites that we don’t totally love because, “We sunk a couple grand and countless hours in to it, and after all that we can’t tell the designer that we don’t like it.” (Yes, you can.); we launch a product that we’re not super proud of because we can’t muster the courage to tell our significant other that, “Ooops, I f***ed up and this gizmo is crap and I need to go back to the drawing board… and take out another bank loan.”; Or worse, we spend way too long trying to sell a product that just… isn’t… selling. Let go.”
Danielle LaPorte

We have to know when to call it a day and move on to the next thing. And you’re guaranteed that not everything you put your hand to will work. That’s just life. Don’t expect perfection every time, and know that every attempt has its value. Love it, enjoy it and play it out fully, for sure. Just stay open to tweaking. Tweaking and tweaking again is the saviour of many a venture. You may wind up miles away from where you started, but if it ultimately gets you to a point of reward, then you have fulfilled your mission.


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