Creative Compatibility

Photo credit: Billyfoto, Dreamstime.comNever underestimate the value of getting along with your designer. Price may always be a consideration, but the value of a mutual creative understanding is immeasurable. You and your designer should ‘click’. You should ‘get’ each other, and you’ll know that you do, within a very short time. Any designer unwilling to give you an early opt-out clause is to be approached with caution.


All creative works should be a win-win situation. The designer has got to love working with you in order to give his or her ultimate best. To stay true to his/her creative flow, there has to be creative compatibility between the designer and client. The client, likewise, has to feel comfortable working with the designer. The client has to feel he/she can trust the designer’s expertise and advice, while respecting and remaining consistent with everything the client desires to achieve.

Open Communication

When choosing a designer, make sure you feel that the lines of communication are open. That there is mutual respect. That things that need explaining are clear and to your satisfaction. That there is an understanding of the way each other works.

Never be afraid to say, “this isn’t working” when it’s not. Remain open to arriving at solutions that work for both client and designer. A designer may be awesome and talented, and perhaps even a creative genius! But respect that even so, there may be boundaries, limitations of medium, or even skill. A designer is human, too; but a good designer will always aim to exceed your expectations at every turn.

Mutual Appreciation

A good designer will value all of his/her clients regardless of budget or clout. Appreciating your designer’s value to your business goes a long way towards building a successful marketing campaign. It’s a two-way street, and both sides are equally responsible for a thriving relationship.

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